what is Narrow scissor lift?

Narrow scissor lift design concept is to create a high-altitude work platform with compact structure, flexible operation and high utilization rate. Compact structure allows narrow scissor lift to be applied in many crowded and narrow working environments, such as maintenance of indoor lines, picking up goods on high shelves or painting walls, etc. The use of narrow scissor lift can make the work of the staff more safe and efficient. If you need to go to different workplaces, the mobile device is also very convenient. Its design structure has a forklift hole, which can be easily transported to a truck and moved to different locations. Narrow scissor lift is installed with an intelligent and flexible operating system. Compared with manual scissor lift, with narrow scissor lift, workers can easily control the platform, automatically lift the platform and move the position, as long as the narrow scissor lift is on a flat road, it can drive freely. The platform is designed with a 0.55m extension platform, which is more convenient for high-altitude work. If there is an uneven position on the ground or some small obstacles, narrow scissor lift cannot accurately move to the working position. At this time, this is where the extended table comes into play; it can stretch over small obstacles to help expand the workplace of workers, so that workers can easily complete high-altitude work.


Mini Mobile Scissor Lift

Mini mobile scissor lift is mostly used in indoor high-altitude operations, and its maximum height can reach 3.9 meters, which is suitable for medium high-altitude operations. It has a small size and can move and work in a narrow space.

Mobile mini scissor lift is special equipment for high-altitude operations with a wide range of uses. Scissor mechanical structure of the lifter makes the lifting platform more stable. Mini scissor lift is small in size and easier to move and work in a narrow space. In addition to the mini mobile scissor lift, we also have a mini self-propelled scissor lift, because the operator can directly control it on the platform, which is more convenient, so the price is relatively high. If you don’t have higher requirements for mobile, there is no need to spend more money to buy expensive ones. According to different working methods, we can also provide you with other scissor lift aerial work platforms to help you improve your work efficiency.

Post time: Jul-04-2022